Frequently Asked questions

Kisumu is in the western part of Kenya and is located right at the Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria is know as Africas biggest Fresh water late.
You can get to Kisumu by flight from any part of the world or you can drive to Kisumu depending on where you are coming from Kisumu is 6-8hours drive from Nairobi
The People of Kisumu speak the Luo Language
  • Depending on where you come from and what passport you use, visa regulations apply accordingly.
  • Refer to the immigration and visa requirements for your country or passport you are holding https://evisa.go.ke/. Visa Process
Yes there are daily local flights to Kisumu
All international flights connect from Nairobi to Kisumu Kisumu Airport is the 3rd Largest Airport in Kenya
Kisumu is home to Former President of USA Obama’s fathers hometown
Kisumu is home to Hollywood Awardee Actress Lupita Nyong’o
KSH, Kenyan Shillings, cards and some places USD
Yes, There are credited national hospitals all around Kisumu as well as private hospitals
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All delegates traveling to Kenya must apply for an online visa within 72 hours of travel, please use this link for the application form: https://www.etakenya.go.ke/en